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Sketches (don’t have any scanner there…So I just took a picture)


Cartoon Saloon animation studio artists worked for Brian Boru exhibition (Trinity College - Dublin).
Illustrators : Tomm Moore (director of The Secret of Kells), Ross Stewart and Alice Dieudonne

Finally, the whole illustrations!Thanks again to ross Stewart and Tomm Moore for this amazing project !

I would like to teleport to be there personnaly,  I love this place and those old books, I feel like being in Hogwarts

Go there for me and send me pictures if you can! (you can also see the beautiful Book of Kells which is exhibited in the same place)

watercolor & critérium

This is what it looks like to work in the Reunion Island.

Don’t be jealous, just come to visit me!

I worked with Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart (from Cartoon Saloon, the studio wich made the movie Brendan and the secret of Kells, and the upcoming Song of the Sea) on illustrations about VIKINGS AND BIG AXES AND FIRE AND IRISH KINGS AND BLOODY BATTLES

Yes, 2014 is the millenium of the Battle of Clontarf, were one of the most famous king of Ireland was killed: Brian Boru.

In his memory, we worked on that exhibition that you can see in the Long Room of the Trinity college

To bad I’m way too far for going to see it wis my own eyes, but if you got you way around Dublin, don’t miss it!

For more informations; you can check the Trinity College website

graaoauuuuuaaaw *viking grumbling*

Blake, round 3


Blake’s figures , round 2

William Blake &  the Zoas