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I usually don’t reblog things on this tumblr, but this is amaaaaaaaaazing!

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I’m just listening to the Audio Books of His Dark Materials from the author Phillip Pullman while working, and seriously even if some voices are quite horrible, it’s just amazing . I’m always trembling and shaking and smiling with the characters, as if it was the first time that I read it. Aaaand it was one of my favourite book ever, maybe THE favourite one still.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? Our dear Phillipe is just writing ANOTHER BOOK called The book of dust which will take place in the same universe. Can’t wait. (if you wanna know more about it, just click there )

Kiss, love and cheers to your daemons (what do your think they would be, by the way?).

Went to the botanical garden yesterday.

elsaboyer said: Oh noble Alice, pensez vous que l'hiver sera rude ?

Je le pense oui. Les requins montent plus haut sur les échelles cette année, et certains indigènes disent avoir vu les pingouins a moustache migrer plus tôt que prévu vers des contrées plus clémentes. Ce sont des signes qui ne trompent pas.

Il est très important ma chère que vous preniez les mesures qui s’imposent et que vous arboriez a partir de demain le manteau en fourrure de loup et les sous vêtements en boyau de phoque.

adampeerb said: Hey! I like your art a lot. I just saw the comics about Reunion island and I got excited because I come from Mauritius and I almost never see any mention of the Mascarene islands. looking forward to your arts!

Hehehe I’m planning to do some more, thanks for your support!

I only lived in  Reunion Island for the moment(and just for two months, so I got a lot left to discover!), but I’ll love to go to Mauritus and Rodrigues Island too. It’s maybe better that they are not that known so we have less tourism and more adventure to draw :D

(for those who don’t know were the Mascarenes are, just click below!)


A piece of life in the Reunion Island

(by the way, the volcano exploded…but only for 24 hours, it was one of the smallest ever seen, just a volcano fart!)