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Floweeeerrssss (it’s spring there, we start having some strawberries!)

Drawn in the Spices and Parfum garden , in Saint Phillipe.

Had fun with some designs from the medieval Frisia (it’s actually a part of the nederlands with a distinct culture: They were famous for there Frisian horses, wanted as war horses in all europe for they are big, strong, black coated with long and curly hair, a fairy tale horse like we imagine) . They wrote with runes and had the same religion than the vikings, and even had a famous pirate, Grutte Pier  (“Big Pier”))

Well, I’m proud to be half frisian (even if I don’t even speak a word of Frisian, gosh what a shame) ,but their outfits were ridiculous.

And there is a good music for those who don’t know what to listen today: a good old weird creepy awesome electro , perfect for concentration and work: Amon Tobin , El Wraith (with an ugly kitschy cover, yeaaah)

This was just FUCKIN’ WEIRD (but pretty cool too, it’s like having a kind of super power)


I usually don’t reblog things on this tumblr, but this is amaaaaaaaaazing!

(Source: altjband / alt-J)

I’m just listening to the Audio Books of His Dark Materials from the author Phillip Pullman while working, and seriously even if some voices are quite horrible, it’s just amazing . I’m always trembling and shaking and smiling with the characters, as if it was the first time that I read it. Aaaand it was one of my favourite book ever, maybe THE favourite one still.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? Our dear Phillipe is just writing ANOTHER BOOK called The book of dust which will take place in the same universe. Can’t wait. (if you wanna know more about it, just click there )

Kiss, love and cheers to your daemons (what do your think they would be, by the way?).

Went to the botanical garden yesterday.